The Coming Revolution Book

The Coming Revolution Book

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"Nothing that has happened or that can ever happen can alter the truth of it. Ireland belongs to the Irish."

These are the words of the martyred Padraig Pearse. The man who dreamt, wrote and willed Irish nationalism into being.

In Pearse’s time, the anglicisation of our nation was almost complete. The language was on its knees, Gaelic games were dying out.

Opposition to British rule was almost no-existent!

Today, our native tongue barely clings to life, and opposition to another type of foreign rule, EU-Brussels rule, is equally absent.

The slow and subtle takeover of our homeland is only made worse by the tsunami of migrants who have engulfed every province and county.

But just like 1916, there are men and women willing to resist!

I am pleased to bring you the collected writings of Padraig Pearse; Irish nationalism’s spiritual father, in this fantastic and scarce book: The Coming Revolution.

This rare book is over 50 euro on Amazon, but I have secured a supply that I am selling for 19.95 Euros. Obviously not for profit, but because I believe this generation Pearse more than any other!

His words still resonate today, the enemy has changed, but the struggle remains. The vision of Pearse, a Gaelic Ireland, a true Irish Republic, will be realized as long as long the “last repositor of the Gaelic tradition, the last unconquered Gael” still breathes Irish air.

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