Deus Vult - The Great Reset Resistance

Deus Vult - The Great Reset Resistance

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Find out exactly what the Great Reset is, and how to RESIST IT! Introducing The Great Reset Resistance Book!

Filled with chapter upon chapter of expert advice on how to protect and defend your family, faith and nation from the coming storm, The Great Reset Resistance, is more than just a book, it is a survival guide!

The Time is at hand. You are certainly not reading this by some random accident. So welcome to a world of hidden knowledge, 900 years of experience and the power gained by the blood of our Holy Martyrs!

Welcome to the next step on your road to your true Destiny. Arise, and defend our homelands under the blood red banners of Christ’s Holy Warriors, in the famed battalions of the One True God! Our battle cry: DEUS VULT…GOD WILLS IT!

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